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Do I need an engagement shoot?

Most photographers nowadays add an engagement shoot as part of their package... and just as many couples ask whether the engagement shoot is necessary. 

Couples are requesting to remove the engagement shoot in return for a bit of discount on the wedding package to save a few bucks, which is understandable of course... but here are a few reasons why we recommend that you have the engagement shoot:

Other than having amazing images to share on social media with friends and family to create excitement or even having those professional images to display on the wedding day, there are a few other factors to consider.

When you book your wedding photographer you might have had a handful of interactions by the time you commit. If you have a great photographer you will even meet up for a consultation and then... the next time you see each other is on the wedding day - practically still strangers?

On your wedding day you will be spending an alarming amount of time with your photographer - from the morning straight through to the evening as all your memories get captured.

Without much interaction before the wedding things can be a bit awkward, like meeting someone for the first time and not having much to talk about. The solution is the engagement shoot!

An engagement shoot gives both the couple and the photographer that additional meetup time in a much more playful and relaxed environment where you get to engage and converse with one another.

This also gives you the opportunity to break the ice as neither party has worked together before (normally). You don't know the shooting style of the photographer yet and the photographer doesn't know which angles are well received by the couple yet. 

Nine out of ten times the groom-to-be will be in front of the camera for the first time and feel awkward right from the start. The extra shoot gives the groom- and bride-to-be the time to get used to the camera as well as used to each other in an unfamiliar setting with "someone watching". 

Over and above this it allows breathing room for the photographer and couple to bond! You get to know each other a bit and create some memories together before the big day.

The next time you see one another again on the wedding day, it feels like old friends reuniting with the addition of some inside jokes to help ease tension and lighten the mood from the word go. 

You as the couple also get the opportunity to see what your photographer can do and see some results before the wedding!

That's why at Smook Photography we always encourage our couples to go through with the engagement shoot. Of course it's not for everyone and rightly so for different reasons, but where couples are up for it but still questioning, we encourage. 

We love walking that road to the wedding with our clients and don't believe in the "dine and dash" method. We value your journey and want to be part of your story, it's just as important to us as it is to you!

We've seen it time and time again, those who journey close by us always end up over the moon with their results, and because of it stay our clients for years after the wedding!